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PVC foam boards

PVC Foam Boards

With technical knowledge & broad market experience, we are able to deliver PVC foam boards in a variety of thicknesses, colors & densities to assist you in finding out the most suitable solutions for your industry.

manipulate the pvc foam board machine

PVC Foam Board Production Line Solution

Need a large volume of PVC boards produced in a short lead time?

In addition to PVC board production, Ourgreen also has its own workshops specializing in manufacturing PVC foam board machines.

Our one-stop production line solution covers the PVC free foam sheet production line and the PVC celuka foam board production line. Their high performance is sure to help you get a faster ROI.

High-Performance PVC Foam Boards

  • icon for smooth surface

    Smooth Surface

    By using quality raw materials and forming with advanced equipment, we ensure that all our PVC boards are produced with the highest level of evenness.

  • icon for high hardness

    High Hardness

    Due to the structure of component molecules, our PVC foam boards have extremely hard surfaces, allowing them to work for years without any scratches.

  • icon for lead free property

    Lead Free Property

    Certified by SGS, our PVC foam boards are non-toxic, which contributes significantly to your end clients’ safety and health as well as the environment.

  • icon for custom performance

    Custom Performance

    Special additives can be added to our formula to make our PVC foam boards waterproof and flame resistant, making them suitable for use even in harsh environments.

Ourgreen's Strength

  • 24000m2

    Factory Area

  • 12000m2

    Area of Production Workshops of PVC Foam Boards & Their Production Lines

  • 10000 Tons

    Annual Production Capacity

  • 4

    Production Lines of PVC Foam Boards

precise proportioning and weighting of raw material

Quality Manufacturing For Premium PVC Foam Boards

At Ourgreen, we know what quality means for your manufacturing and distributing business.

Precise proportioning and weighting of raw materials, as well as a given temperature and cutting accuracy—these are all defining our convincing quality.

Ourgreen incorporates numerous quality control systems and processes to support every manufacturing step so that we are able to bring you the unparalleled quality PVC foam boards complying with the SGS standard and matched to the applications & intended lifespan for maximum cost-effectiveness.

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Hassle-Free & On-Demand Manufacturing Services

  • Communication
  • Quote
  • Sampling
  • Manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Delivery

Ourgreen provides a one-stop solution–from communication to prototype and delivery.

We’ll take complete control of your project and make sure it is totally hassle-free for you. Through our experience and innovative approach, we can create a solution that meets your specification and functional requirements and also satisfies your budget.

  • get to know the customization needs of customers

More Benefits For Your Business

We aim to deliver exceptional services, technology, formula and support to drive your business success.

For Manufacturers

  • 1 Customized Solution

    With our seasoned engineers, options like density, color and thickness can be bespoke for your specific needs.

  • 2 Critical Tolerance

    Your requirements of size, density, hardness & tensile strength will be accurately realized.

  • 3 Professional Advice

    With more than a decade of experience, our engineers are able to offer you practical suggestions for your industry.

  • 4 Premium Quality

    Raw materials such as resin, calcium powder and foaming agent coming from reliable suppliers assure our quality.

For Distributors of Building Materials

  • 1 Diversified Choice

    You can source PVC boards in a variety of specifications simultaneously to meet the needs of different markets.

  • 2 Stable Supply

    Strong productivity of 40 tons/day allows for the stable supply for your business.

  • 3 Competitive Price

    Our in-house manufacturing ensures the best factory price to maximize your profit.

  • 4 Sound Loading Scheme

    To avoid wasted space, we'll tailor a solution with different packages that is most appropriate for a specific cargo before it is loaded into the container.

See Why Our Customers Choose Us

We put each customer in the best position for success.

Australian Client
Australian Client

“Their sales Suzannah Mao is patient and careful. She always makes all the documents I need ready before I receive the products. I enjoy the service as much as the quality of the products. During the production, she will send me the manufacturing pictures as well as the pictures of the products. Thus I can know the status of the production in time as I arrive at the office every day. This I find impressive…”

Chile Client
Chile Client

“Found Nanjing Ourgreen at Alibaba, and initially I had some suspicion about whether the quality was as good as they said. After we started our cooperation, it turned out that the products were of good quality and the supply was very fast. Since the first order, we have been cooperating for two years and it’s been a very pleasant experience. We have not met any problem since we received the first batch of PVC foam boards. The products have gained positive reviews from my customers. Thanks Ourgreen. Hope we can get better and better together.”

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