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PVC Foam Boards For Construction & Architecture

Utilizing plastic for a durable construction framework has made it easier to reuse and reassemble it.

Providing easy-to-install PVC boards has allowed Ourgreen to be the one-stop solution for temporary support for helping laborers reach difficult spots in a building.

Adding anti-ultraviolet agents to the formula for our boards will also prevent them from turning yellow and less usable. Any construction site can benefit from our resilient and lightweight PVC foam boards.

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High Intensity

Absorbing shock and dent to ensure safety helps make our boards a material useful for maintaining structural integrity.

Adding CPE to the formula allows us to change the density of our boards.

Holding together the building with great tensile strength, your workers can better use this material for high-rise buildings and structures prone to tremors.

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Light Weight

Light in texture, our boards can be transported easily for assembly and disassembly at any time.

As a preference for most customers, they are easier to handle and utilize for construction needs.

Lightweight boards also save on fuel and ensure optimal operation.

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Ultraviolet-Proof Property

Plastic is vulnerable to ultraviolet rays and our boards can be customized to withstand such light with an anti-ultraviolet additive.

The UV protection is a bonus which proves very useful for constructing wall panels for decoration, as well as building formwork for brickwork, as they can now last longer and maintain their quality.

Custom Specifications For Your PVC Foam Board

Length Width Thickness Density Color
Can be customized in different lengths
Can be customized in different lengths
15-18mm 0.55-0.7g/cm3
More than the above colors


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  • PVC Foam Board Application1
  • PVC Foam Board Application
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Optimum Quality

Our boards maintain consistent quality as we rely on suppliers that only give the best resin, calcium powder and other raw materials. All of our boards are equipped with weather resistance and shock absorption properties to make them a reliable choice for you.

Using the PSJ parallel twin-screw equipment, we mix the necessary ingredients to produce an all-around protective surface. You can benefit from consistent supply of high-quality PVC boards that your construction workers can trust on.

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Competitive Price

With our streamlined and automatic production matching, our price has become more competitive in the market.

Controlling the costs of every phase, from raw material selection to packaging, Ourgreen brings to the industry superior quality boards that follow international standards. We assure you that our boards are cost-effective options for your construction needs.

Look no further than our factory for a consistent supply of affordable and top-notch PVC foam boards to help your business.

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