PVC Foam Board Application

PVC Foam Boards For Signage & Display

Signage & Display that can be made compatible with any color and printing methods are in demand. Ourgreen recommends using our PVC boards because of their ability to absorb ink easily.

Combining printing compatibility with environmentally-friendly, lead-free material can make any form of advertising stand up to any condition without losing quality.

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Customized Solution

As our boards are intended for advertising, we ensure their easy customization based on our flexibility and expetise in the field.

Providing PVC boards of different colors, thicknesses and densities has allowed us to adapt to your demands for boards to help with your advertising needs.

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Cost Effectiveness

In every stage of production, we guarantee total control over the costs while maintaining excellent quality standards.

Utilizing high-quality materials from reliable suppliers, we ensure that you only pay for the worth we bring to the whole manufacturing process at affordable rates.

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Easy Processing

Processing our boards with specifictreatments will make your advertising material last longer.

With your material printed more easilywith different methods like screen painting & carving, our boards will benefit your exact design needs.

Modifying the boards to be compatible with different colors will give your designs an advantage over the competition.

Custom Specifications For Your PVC Foam Board

Length Width Thickness Density Color
Can be customized in different lengths
Can be customized in different lengths
3-8mm 0.4-0.5g/cm3
More than the above colors


  • PVC Foam Board Application
  • PVC Foam Board Application
  • PVC Foam Board Application
PVC Foam Board Factory

Strong Production Capacity

Producing at an efficient rate of 300 tons monthly, we not only guarantee a quick delivery time but a high output that is ready to meet your demands.

We prioritize a high number of production processes so that we always have a constant supply ready for simultaneous deliveries.

Faithful to our MOQ policy, our factory is optimized with state-of-the-art equipment and a diligent team of manufacturers that are ready to make the most of our production line.

Making PVC Foam Board

Experienced Staff

Having more than a decade of experience, our staff is equipped and familiar with each process.

Our team of engineers and workers is skilled in finding the right formula and materials to help the boards we produce maintain the top quality.

With their insight into the industries we work with, our engineers and workers are an asset due to their adaptability to various customer demands.

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