A Series of PVC Foam Board Production Lines

Leave the work to Ourgreen's automatic PVC foam board production lines, get higher efficiency and faster returns for your production goals.

  • PVC Free Foam Sheet Production Line
  • PVC Celuka Foam Board Production Line
PVC Production Line

Ourgreen PVC Free Foam Sheet Production Line bears the following advantages:

1.  Widely adaptability. We can produce PVC Foam Board/ PVC Decoration Board/ Advertising Board simply by changing mold;

2. Large Capacity: up to 800kg/h;

3. Special Screw design:  suitable for variable CaCO3content;

4. High Automation;

5. Stable and ContinuousExtrusion;

6. Technical troubleshooting 24/7;

7. Overseas services are available.


Ourgreen PVC Celuka Foam Board Production Line Configuration

SN Description Quantity
1 500/1000 Mixer 1 Set
2 80/165 Extruder 1 Set
3 Slot Die 1 Set
4 Distributor 1 Set
5 Calibrator 1 Set
6 Cooling Rack 1 Set
7 Haul-off Unit 1 Set
8 Width Cutting System 1 Set
9 Length Cutting System 1 Set
10 Stacker 1 Set
11 Crusher 380 1 Set
12 Milling Machine 660 1 Set

Boards You Can Produce
With Our PVC Foam Board Production Lines


PVC Free Foam Sheet

Widely applied in advertisement printing, signage, decoration, album board and more


PVC Celuka Foam Board

Can be drilled, sawed, nailed and glued and used for thermal forming, heating bending and folding

All-Around Support Step By Step

We set a high priority on direct all-around service and support to ensure that everything goes smoothly with your production line.


01 Consulting

Our experienced engineer will analyze your production needs and work out a preliminary solution.


02 Designing

Based on the estimated production capacity, our engineers will design the production line to satisfy your needs.


03 Manufacturing

Leading technologies allows us to constantly manufacture your production line with proven quality.


04 Installation & Commissioning

Careful installation & commissioning of your equipment ensures the best possible production result and longer lifespan.


05 Training

We offer on-site training for your operators to make certain they know how to operate the equipment properly.


06 Maintaining

Familiarity with the maintenance of your machine ensures that it always performs at its best.


07 Upgrading

We continuously optimize your machines as well as your processes. This contributes to improving your productivity.

Benefits of Purchasing
Ourgreen's PVC Foam Board Production Lines


Premium Quality

Energy-efficient and stable, our production line can be easily used by you to produce the same quality PVC foam boards that we produce ourselves.

Once you purchase our production line, you will have the right to adjust the formula for your raw materials according to your specifications.

You can now decide how your boards can benefit your industry with our production line available and ready for your use.


High Capacity

Fully automated and capable of producing as many PVC foam boards as possible, our production line can efficiently make many boards within a given deadline.

As you supervise the process and monitor its efficiency to carry out what you need, our production line’s automation ensures that you receive higher outputs, profits and returns on investment.


One-Stop Solution

Purchasing the production line gives you access to a wide assortment of services, from customization of our boards to professional training and advice.

With our help, you will have a handle of our processes so that you can make the best quality products for your stock. Ourgreen is a one-stop solution to help you out when you face problems with our production line.


Professional Training

Providing you with the best on-site training possible, Ourgreen helps you with the installation of our production line and its operations.

Involving different processes, we train you on how to adjust the formula used for our PVC foam boards and keep our machine running smoothly.

By the time we are done, you will have a grasp on the proportioning of the raw materials in the formula and their effect on the density and hardness of your boards.

Explore Our Machine Component Workshop

Check out our Workshops, where you can find essential components produced to serve your production lines.

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