Versatile PVC Foam Boards created for a variety of applications

Innovating the customization of PVC Foam Boards for different industries is all possible through Ourgreen’s experience and flexibility.

Working with us allows you to make smart decisions about the PVC board selection through our free consultation service. By communicating with us about your specifications, we can easily adjust our boards to your needs.

colorful pvc foam board

Construction & Architecture

Using plastic reduces energy consumption and improves safety within a building. Ourgreen PVC boards are a substantially affordable alternative that can be utilized in helping workers with the construction of buildings.

PVC Foam Board Application


Applying PVC boards for transportation ensures the safety of passengers. The innovation by Ourgreen ensures all-around protection and a fair price to help in the construction of ceilings, floors and walls.

PVC Foam Board Application

Signage & Display

Durable signage is needed for the industry due to its compatibility with different printing methods and resistance to the elements. With Ourgreen, you can also customize different colors according to your needs.

PVC Foam Board Application


With a very smooth surface and high hardness, our PVC can guarantee scratch-proof furniture for the industry to benefit from. With Ourgreen PVC boards, furniture becomes more waterproof and acid-resistant.

More Markets

Can't find PVC foam boards for your market application?

Never mind! At Ourgreen, with its deep expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we are flexible in customizing PVC foam boards to meet the challenges of your industries.

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