PVC Foam Board Application

PVC Foam Boards For Transportation

Customizing vehicles for flexible interior design remains a consistent challenge for the industry to face. Coming to the rescue is Ourgreen and its solutions that give every board the necessary amount of flexural strength and impact resistance.

With our advanced equipment, we can modify the appearance of our boards to ensure that the design can also have flexural strength & impact resistance. It also affects the appearance of the board. We utilize the latest technology to combine non-toxic features with protective material that resists flame and other hazards.

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Good Formability

An alternative to wood, aluminum and composite boards, our PVC boards can take on any shape and form to suit any application.

They are easier to drill, bend and fold, which makes them a better option for you when you want to construct walls, floors and boards of any shape and size.

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Lead-Free Board

Environment-friendly and non-toxic, our PVC boards are more reliable thanks to lead-free calcium-zinc stabilizers.

This feature helps prevent poisoning and keeps every passenger safe from harm.

Our safety standard makes all the difference for your boards used for transportation, ensuring they are top-notch.

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Flame Retardancy

The additives we use make all our boards flame retardant and enable them to be utilized to protect passengers from sudden hazards.

We constantly monitor and inspect our boards for any defects to ensure that they are ready to be used for public transportation.

Custom Specifications For Your PVC Foam Board

Length Width Thickness Density Color
Can be customized in different lengths
Can be customized in different lengths
8-25mm 0.45-0.65g/cm3
More than the above colors


  • PVC Foam Board Application
  • PVC Foam Board Application
  • PVC Foam Board Application
  • PVC Foam Board Application
PVC Foam Board Loading Plan

Customized Package

Packaging our PVC boards is easier thanks to our reinforced plywood pier pallet packaging that keeps the boards safe from dropping or scratching.

With respect to loading our boards, we make considerations for the containers we use. We ensure that our packaging can adjust to your demands while maintaining and securing the products we deliver.

Shipping PVC Foam Board

Fast Delivery

After a week upon ordering, we are able to meet your demands thanks to our efficient manufacturing capability.

With our efficient production lines, advanced equipment and skilled workforce, we guarantee a short lead time for all our PVC boards and a fast response for any concerns you may have about our service.

Our speedy delivery will help you manufacture more furniture than usual and keep up with deadlines.

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