PVC Foam Board Application

PVC Foam Boards For Furniture

Resistance to acid and flame is what most designers look for in furniture, and the industry seeks material that can cater to this demand.

Ourgreen comes out with its PVC boards that can be drilled easily and used for hot forming and bending. Matching customization with durability, our boards are the ideal choice for making designer furniture for the modern home.

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Waterproof Property

Added to every PVC board is a waterproof property with an absorption rate of 1.0 as per IEC standards.

Conveniently supporting the durability of all our boards, this property guarantees long-term use.

Any furniture made with our PVC boards can retain their overall look even when soaked in any liquid.

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High Hardness

Worried about scratched surfaces and damaged furniture pieces, your end customers will find satisfaction in our board because of their resistance to wear and tear and higher density.

Making use of rigid PVC, our boards are the right combination of a smooth surface and high hardness.

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Durable Use

Made to withstand acid and alkali-based substances, our boards ensure that your furniture will not have any stains on their surface.

With our boards, quality remains without fading away. Our boards are treated to maintain their smooth surface, which guarantees that any furniture piece made can last longer and be used more often.

Custom Specifications For Your PVC Foam Board

Length Width Thickness Density Color
Can be customized in different lengths
Can be customized in different lengths
12-18mm 0.55-0.65g/cm3
More than the above colors


  • PVC Foam Board Application
  • PVC Foam Board Application
  • PVC Foam Board Application
  • PVC Foam Board Application
  • PVC Foam Board Application
Colorful PVC Board

Stable Supply

Maintaining a constant supply of 40 tons per day to meet demands, Ourgreen has the capacity to provide for various types of furniture.

Our capability to handle such large volumes of production per day puts emphasis to our strong manufacturing capacity that is supported by fully-automated production lines and our professional engineers.

With our productivity and continued partnership with reliable suppliers, we are able to deliver often and without fail.

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Consistent Quality

Ourgreen checks every piece of PVC foam board to ensure they have the same high quality that meets international standards.

Every board we manufacture has been tested for waterproofness and flame retardancy, among other features.

Consistency is the key to our products’ success as it guarantees your boards are tried and tested for your reliableuse.

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