Communication and Consultation

We introduce our professional consultation process to ensure close collaboration with you at every step of the way. Communicating with you in advance helps you fulfill your needs.

Consulting with you on various matters, we provide professional advice on the thickness and density of our boards, our packing scheme, and we then schedule the delivery date. Using our after-sales consultation service can help you with the distribution and marketing of your PVC foam boards.



With the desire to meet all your needs, Ourgreen helps you consider all the expenses that will need to be undertaken for our work through our quotation process. Our quote is determined by the specifications of the boards in terms of size, color and density.

Requesting from us in advance helps you get the most affordable boards and services you will require. Supporting your business by providing a professional and instant quotation, we ensure that you can budget according to your needs.

By supporting your business with a professional and instant quotation, we ensure that you can budget according to your needs.



Part of our standard operating procedure is to produce samples that you can get for free and inspect within 24 hours. We can also cut our sample PVCs into smaller samples that are kept in stock and can be sent to you promptly.

We bear the freight and delivery expenses. This way we ensure that you receive a clear example of our customized and well-made PVC foam boards and help you make the right decisions.



Making use of state-of-the-art PSJ parallel twin-screw PVC foam board equipment, Ourgreen’s factory has several production lines monitored by an experienced and professionally trained staff that caters to the demands of any industry.

Fully-automated and able to address your concerns, our machinery can process all our boards within a short time and meet all deadlines.



Plywood piers and packing straps that are used for the reinforcement of the packaging provide our cardboard boxes with the strength needed to hold your PVC boards.

Our packaging materials can withstand harsh elements and cushion our boards from any damage, keeping the quality intact.

We ensure that every PVC foam board is packaged according to its size and needs. This helps our PVC foam boards become easier to assemble and bring out for you to utilize as you will.



Within a week’s time and according to our timeline, we ensure that all our PVC foam boards are delivered to you safely. You can monitor for any updates by communicating with us.

Our delivery performance is quick enough for you to receive your PVC foam boards without delay. Coming to you at little to no cost, our freight and shipping availability eases your concerns about product delivery.

Our Warranty

  • PVC foam boards that are defective due to manufacturing and delivery faults can be sent to our factory and we will replace them with the qualified boards that have the same specifications.
  • We offer both on-site and web-based troubleshooting services provided by seasoned engineers.
  • We are committed to revert to you within 12 hours for any inquiries and consultation.

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