Raw Materials Selection and Preparation

The quality of raw materials such as PVC resin, PVC stabilizer, chemical foam agent, and foaming regulator determines the smooth surface & shape of your final PVC foam boards.

That’s why we never skimp on raw materials. Moreover, we ensure that the proper amount of each chemical is used in the formula.

Sourcing high-quality raw materials guarantees the easy forming of the PVC foam boards. It also prevents bubble mixing, which allows the even foaming & good fluidity of your PVC foam boards.


Proportioning / Weighting

When designing the formula of PVC foam boards, we'll gain a full understanding of the content of active ingredients and the side effects of ineffective ingredients of various additives to ensure the quality of PVC foam boards.

Before mixing and extrusion, we obey the formula and process operation rules. Our proper proportioning & weighting of the formula helps avoid defects in your PVC board, including string bubbles as well as yellowing & rough surface.


Heating & Cooling

The temperature control is also the basis of the foaming.

Not only do we make the decomposition temperature of the foaming agent consistent with the melting temperature range of PVC, but we also keep a correct processing temperature in a given range to keep the stable quality & easy-to-control density of your boards.

In addition to focusing on the heating, we also pay attention to its cooling length, which ensures the foaming and precision of your PVC foam boards as well as improves the molding speed.



Extrusion is a very delicate process that determines the quality and usefulness of your PVC foam boards.

With deep expertise, we ensure that the extrusion process is done with incredible precision so that the finished board can form evenly.

Plus, Ourgreen's PSJ parallel twin-screw PVC foam board production line permits extrusions of a wide range of sizes, including sheets ranging in thickness from 1mm to 19mm with a virtually unlimited length.


Automated Cutting

With the automated cutting system of Ourgreen's PVC foam board production line, we are able to cut your foam boards horizontally and vertically, in the standard size of 2440x1220mm.

Our automated cutting system can cut as thick as 25mm without compromising the edge quality. Also, it greatly improves the utilization rate of materials and effectively enhances the cutting efficiency, which translates into your reduced costs and time.



Ourgreen takes care of every detail of the packaging process, including the container loading, to make sure your PVC foam boards are well protected all the way to their final destination.

Generally, we use plywood pier pallet packing, PE tape and reinforced cardboard, which protect the boards from damage in case of dropping, rough handling and movement.

Advanced Testing Lab

  • PVC Foam Board Test

    Tensile Strength Testing

  • PVC Foam Board Test

    Burn Testing

  • pvc foam board test

    Hardness Testing

Certifications Set Us Apart From Competition

Choosing a certified PVC foam board manufacturer ensures that your production complies with the strict demands for safety, positive environmental impact, and durability.

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    SGS Test Report
  • p04-s09-pic2
    Flame-Resistance Test
  • p04-s09-pic1
    Physical Property Test

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